Stunt Granny Audio 564 – Pizza Drones and the Weird World of Wrestling

Jeremy & Kevin got together Friday afternoon and decided to just talk. They started by talking about life under coronavirus stay at home orders only to stumble into pizza delivering drones. When will Stunt Granny start selling their genius idea? They get around to talking about wrestling of course. Only to answer esoteric questions like, who is doing lockdown wrestling better, AEW or WWE? Should everyone remember that NXT is different than either Raw or Smackdown as far as presentation goes? How did the Robert Stone & Chelsea Green video? How about the ones presented by Darby Allin? Did the Bubbly Bunch video already show a crack in the Inner Circle foundation between Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara? What level of terrible was releasing all of the WWE talents? Is it possible that Vince McMahon has a legitimate problem with the lawsuit from Oliver Luck since the XFL lost less money than expected? What other territory did they cover related to the weird world of wrestling? Find out by clicking the link below.

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