Stunt Granny Audio 578 – The Creeps Outside The Ring

Kevin DiFrango/ Stunt Granny Ltd.

Chris & Kevin got together for the most uncomfortable Stunt Granny Audio yet. They discuss the rash of recent allegations ranging from creepy, to extremely creepy to out right rape. Why are most of the allegations coming from the United Kingdom? Is there a reason that the WWE released Jack Gallagher but held on to Ligero, Jordan Devlin and Travis Banks? AEW didn’t get out of these allegations unscathed. Why did Jimmy Havoc get rehab while the others have not? Could the WWE have replaced Matt Riddle‘s segment on Smackdown knowing about the allegations mere hours before the airing? Since the allegations against Velveteen Dream came before NXT Takeover In Your House, why hasn’t anything been done to him especially now that more allegations have arisen? How badly does all of this reflect on HHH since all of these problems are popping up in NXT & NXT UK? Join Chris & Kevin in this creepfest by clicking the link below.

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