Stunt Granny Audio Presents: We Watch Stuff #216

“We Watch Stuff “is once talking about all the big stories of the last week or so.  The boys discuss the death of Joel Schumacher. Has there been a more maligned director due to two movies? Outside of the two Batman movies what was his major film achievement? What did he bring to the batman franchise that is totally overlooked due to the reception by fans and critics? Why did Batman have a lisp? Speaking of batman, Michael Keaton is reportedly back in as “Batman” for the supposedly upcoming Flash movie. How is this going to work exactly?  How does Michael Keaton look more like Bruce Wayne now than he did while playing Bruce Wayne? What does this mean for the future DCEU movies? Is the Snyder cut involved at all? What other people can they bring back for the films? All of this and much more so get to listening already.

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