Stunt Granny Audio 595 – Retribution Stinks Already, AEW’s Sweat House and Kyle O’Reilly

Jeremy & Kevin talk about how Tegan Knox may be out with another torn ACL. They have a side discussion about the durability of NFL running backs because of this injury discussion. Jeremy is not as big a fan of Raw Underground so we discuss what his problems are with it. They finish WWE Raw talk discussing how terrible Retribution is no matter how you look at it. Jeremy & Kevin move along to talk about AEW and how the outdoor venue is hurting their actual wrestling. They talk about how AEW keeps not putting over talents strong enough. Jeremy & Kevin wrap up the show talking about NXT. Who is the mystery man coming back to that program? They discuss how much they enjoy Johnny Gargano as a heel. Jeremy & Kevin finish by discussing Kyle O’Reilly‘s big win in the main event.

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