Stunt Granny Audio 616 – Carmella, Big E and Charlotte’s Return?

Chris & Kevin got together to talk about the world of the WWE as usual. They started on Smackdown where Carmella made her first big statement by beating down Sasha Banks after their match. They discuss the “Aces” of WWE, Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode, and how much they’re slowing down the Street Profits. Your hosts go over why they are enjoying Big E’s singles break out. Sami Zayn always does a great job holding up his end of the exchange. Kevin complains about the pairing of Otis & Chad Gable because of it’s many mixed messages. Chris lays out the ways Charlotte being Asuka‘s mystery partner at TLC is a bad idea. They close the show talking about how AJ Styles vs Drew McIntyre is the inverse of Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns.

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