Stunt Granny Audio 635 – NHL Talk, AEW’s Trash Booking and NXT Vengeance

Jeremy & Kevin got together to talk about NHL and MLB from their respective home markets, Detroit and Pittsburgh. It’s a grim look at the present for one and the other is looking at a grim near future. As usual, they finally got around to wrestling talk. Most of the show was aimed at the incoherence of story lines in AEW. Jeremy & Kevin explain that even though the story lines are trash, they enjoy the product most weeks. They discuss the three or four story lines that Kenny Omega is involved in. Your hosts talk about their love of Strangle-mania because of Omega & Jon Moxley‘s Exploding Barb Wire Bat match. Jeremy & Kevin do get around to the post Vengeance NXT goodness. The good news always gets the back burner on this podcast.

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