Stunt Granny Audio 665 – Roman Reigns, Liv Morgan and Shayna Bazler

Chris & Kevin got together to praise the work that Roman Reigns is doing. As a part of that discussion, they talk about when he will fight Rey Mysterio. Your hosts thought Liv Morgan would beat Carmella but they notice that there’s nowhere for either of them to go. After looking at the roster total, the guys lay out why you can’t have a division with 7 women. Chris & Kevin assume that Becky Lynch will return around the time fans return. As a result, they discuss which brand would be a better fit for her. This show brought the numbers, including how many matches Alexa Bliss has been involved in over the past year. To close the show, Chris & Kevin talked about how Vince McMahon and Bruce Pritchard must have loved the positively cheesy reactions Shayna Baszler was giving to Lily.

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