Stunt Granny Audio 671 – Raw, AEW and Fast 9 Spoilers

Since Kevin lost power on their usual recording night, he & Jeremy got together a day late to talk wrestling. They started the show by dissecting the lack of relationship shown between Piper Niven and Eva Marie. Because Jeremy doesn’t like Raw, Kevin had to drag a discussion about Alexa Bliss out of him. They moved on to NXT because of the delay in recording. Since Mercedes Martinez got knocked out by Xia Li, they started with that tough moment. Your hosts wonder why the Diamond Mine didn’t get promo time after Roderick Strong’s match. Last on the wrestling docket, they covered Isaiah “Swerve” Scott beating Bronson Reed for the North American Title and it’s implications. Since both Jeremy & Kevin are big fans of the Fast & Furious franchise, they end the show with a 20 minute spoiler filled review of F9.

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