Stunt Granny Audio 716 – Football, War Games and Departing Wrestlers

Because it’s college football season, Jeremy & Kevin continue to kick off the show with football talk. This week, they talk about the various championship games this past weekend. Now that the Detroit Lions won a game, your hosts also delve into the world of the NFL. As is usual, they get around to talking about wrestling. Even though Jeremy only saw the main event of War Games, they talk about the Peacock Special. Your hosts wonder if Johnny Gargano can come back to NXT after taking an extended period off to be with his soon to be born child. Even though Kyle O’Reilly gave Von Wagner the rub, your hosts can’t get behind Wagner. They do cover their growing enjoyment of Joe Gacy. To close the show, they talk about being surprised with Riddle being The Shaman, even if he was an obvious pick.

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