Stunt Granny Audio 769 – AEW Overruns, Orange Cassidy and Cora Jade

For a change, Jeremy & Kevin kick off the show talking about wrestling. Your hosts start at the main event of AEW. Kevin kicks off the discussion by talking about missing the over run on the broadcast. Since Jeremy saw a controversy about the match online, they talk about Tony Khan‘s response. Because Orange Cassidy took the loss to Wardlow, your hosts wonder if there was someone better to help build Wardlow’s TNT Championship reign. After digging through their roster page, there wasn’t a clear solution. Even though Jeremy hates NXT currently, they did find time to talk about it. Your hosts explain why they think Cora Jade turning on Roxanne Perez is destined to fail. To close the show, Jeremy & Kevin wonder why they didn’t keep some veteran presence on NXT to train the next generation.

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