Stunt Granny Audio 787 – Logan Paul, Bray Wyatt and War Games

Since last week was devoid of major wrestling news, this week was loaded for Chris & Kevin to talk about. Because Logan Paul had an interview with Roman Reigns, everyone saw a match coming after their continued back and forth. Chris & Kevin discuss how Paul could have been a serious contender with more wins in the WWE. With the lights dimming out during an Alexa Bliss match, speculation is high that Bray Wyatt is headed back to the WWE. The last major news topic your hosts talk about is War Games coming to Survivor Series. They discuss the original Survivor Series concept running it’s course a long time ago. Chris & Kevin discuss how the more recent formats of Raw vs Smackdown never had much bite. To close the show, they do talk about some of this week’s in ring happenings.

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