Stunt Granny Audio 797 – Women’s Tag Team Championships, Logan Paul and Crown Jewel Build

To kick off the show, Chris & Kevin talk about what they forgot happened on Smackdown. They started with the women’s tag team championships being defended. Because Shotzi Blackheart and Raquel Rodriguez didn’t have a chance, they debate why this match happened at all. The conversation turns to whether Shotzi and Raquel should even be a team. Since Chris & Kevin always talk about The Bloodline, Logan Paul was an easy topic to remember. Your hosts talk about how they have been selling Paul for his “one lucky shot.” Because Rhea Ripley slammed Luke Gallows, Chris & Kevin talk about the WWE going “Full Chyna” with Ripley. They debate what information Johnny Gargano has over The Miz. To close the show, they talk about the returning Nikki Cross and what affect she may have on the women’s division.

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