Stunt Granny Audio 803 – Live Streaming, AEW Full Gear Hype and Booker T

Since they were talking about live streaming, Jeremy & Kevin talk about cross promotion being allowed in the WWE. Your hosts moved along to the actual AEW product and their hype for Full Gear on Saturday. Even though they both liked the show, Jeremy & Kevin still proceeded to complain about some aspects of the hype. Your hosts wondered why something more didn’t happen with the reveal of The Elite coming back to challenge Death Triangle. Your hosts also talked about how MJF‘s main feud is with William Regal, not Jon Moxley. Whether it was Raw, NXT or AEW, Jeremy & Kevin talked about the bad crowds being to be the norm this week. Because Jeremy couldn’t remember who was in the interview with Booker T, your hosts talk about him chewing more than scenery. They covered Zoey Stark turning heel and her logic. To close the show, they talked about how there is no one left to challenge Mandy Rose.

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