Stunt Granny Audio 807 – Roman Reigns, Barmaggedon and Jade Cargill

Since Shahid hasn’t been on in a while, him & Kevin talked about whatever came to their minds. Because they used to record after many a bad Roman Reigns promo, they start with him. Your hosts discuss when the betrayal of Sami Zayn is going to happen. Kevin & Shahid debate whether Sami Zayn will ever win the WWE/Universal Championship. Your hosts talk about how Bianca Belair not only wrestled full time but also got in shape to compete in a body building contest. Kevin & Shahid not only talked main roster but the women waiting in NXT to be the next generation of talent. Your hosts delved into their general opinions of AEW. To close the show, they talk about how Jade Cargill must be the first person on WWE’s free agent list when she becomes available from her AEW contract.

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