Stunt Granny Audio 812 – The Best and Worst of Wrestling 2022 Edition

Because Raw did a highlights show, Chris & Kevin decided to do a Best and Worst of Wrestling podcast. Since the move affected both WWE and AEW, Kevin thought that Cody Rhodes moving to the WWE was the biggest story in wrestling. Because Vince McMahon has been at the helm of the WWE for 40 plus year, Chris thought his stepping down was the biggest story. AEW’s product went downhill after Cody’s exit so your hosts discussed their various maladies. Fortunately for AEW, The Acclaimed was a highlight for them this past year. Because the transition from Vince McMahon to HHH went smoothly, Chris & Kevin had more positive takes on the WWE. Sami Zayn being the number two guy in the WWE was a major high point according to your hosts. Bianca Belair being “made” at this year’s Wrestlemania was another big positive. To close the show, Chris & Kevin talked about the continued absence of Charlotte Flair.

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