Stunt Granny Audio 816 – Stephanie McMahon Resigns, The Bloodline and AEW Rampage

Since Stephanie McMahon decided to resign as Co-CEO of the WWE, she was the starting topic for Chris & Kevin. They talk about how Vince McMahon seems to be the one interested in selling the company. Because this site’s main interest is the TV product, Chris & Kevin talk about how much any change in ownership could have. After exhausting that topic, they move on to actual wrestling. Sami Zayn made gif headlines this week, so your hosts used him as a jumping off point. Your hosts speculate if The Rock could come back to WWE to actually face Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania. With Alexa Bliss going heel, Chris & Kevin talk about how balanced the Raw roster is compared to Smackdown. To close the show, your hosts talk some AEW Rampage because Chris actually watched.

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