Stunt Granny Audio 845 – Carl Weathers, Soapy NXT Story Lines and AEW Bomb

Because Jeremy & Kevin talked about The Mandalorian, they started the show wondering why Carl Weathers wasn’t a bigger action star. After getting done with movie talk, your hosts started talking about professional wrestling. Jeremy & Kevin started by covering NXT and it’s many wacky story lines. They explain why they have enjoyed their goofy brand of soap opera story lines. Since Brooks Jensen turned into an 80s Preppy man, your hosts got a good laugh out of it. Since the build for Spring Breakin’ has been rushed, Jeremy & Kevin think the upcoming WWE Draft is having an effect on their roster. To close the show, they talk about how bad AEW Dynamite was this week. Jeremy & Kevin explain why the Four Pillars argument is still not working.

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