Stunt Granny Audio 851 – Golden Girls, AEW Collision and Trick Williams

When Jeremy & Kevin were children, they talk about not getting jokes on The Golden Girls and Johnny Dangerously. After re-watching these shows as adults, they wonder why their parents let them watch. As usual, their attention turned to professional wrestling. Jeremy & Kevin talk about the new deal that AEW has for the yet to be announced show Collision. Since it’s set to air on Saturday, your hosts talk about the difference between a Premium Live Event and a regular TV show. Because Miro & Thunder Rosa both went into Tony Khan’s office, your hosts discuss what could be for the returning stars. Jeremy & Kevin saved discussion of Kenny Omega vs Jon Moxley for the end of AEW talk. With there being nine matches on NXT, your hosts discuss the show feeling rushed. To close the show, Jeremy & Kevin discuss whether Trick Williams could surpass Carmelo Hayes on the main roster.

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