Stunt Granny Audio 962 – Star Wars, NXT Battleground and Liv Morgan’s Hotel Key

Because your hosts hit record, Jeremy & Kevin kicked off the show talking about The Acolyte and Star Wars. When they finally get to wrestling, your hosts start at NXT Battleground. Because Jordynne Grace vs Roxanne Perez was hyped for weeks, Jeremy & Kevin talk about why it should have been the main event. Because Oba Femi already looks impressive, Jeremy is ready to call him up to the main roster. On the North American Women’s Championship, Jeremy & Kevin talk about the surprise winner Kelani Jordan. When your hosts move to main roster, they discuss how much the crowds stunk for AEW Collision and WWE Raw. With Ricochet going splat, Jeremy & Kevin discuss why it makes sense for him to go to AEW. To close out the show, they talk about the mystery of Liv Morgan‘s hotel room key.

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