Stunt Granny Audio 964 – The Wyatt Sicks, CM Punk and 1 Year of AEW Collision

Because the Wyatt Sicks debuted at the end of WWE Raw, Chris & Kevin started the show talking about them. Since multiple people were “killed” during their debut, your hosts talk about how to thread the needle booking this team. With so little to go on, Chris & Kevin both know that time will tell the story on how the Wyatt Sicks work in WWE. With CM Punk screwing Drew McIntyre again, your hosts talk about how Punk deserves an ass kicking. To start Raw, Seth Rollins made his surprise return. Chris & Kevin talk about how Rollins vs Gunther is a bigger named match up to headline Summerslam. Because Cody Rhodes doesn’t have a big contender on the horizon, your hosts talk about his three options for Summerslam. To close the show, Chris & Kevin talk about the one year anniversary of AEW Collision that was created for CM Punk.

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