Stunt Granny Audio 970 – Failed Cash Ins, John Cena and Rhea Ripley Returns

With so much wrestling over this past weekend, Chris & Kevin decided to make a show Money In The Bank and WWE Raw. Because CM Punk caused a failed Cash In by Drew McIntyre, your hosts started there. Because it did not take place the way they had envisioned, they talk about why they didn’t like aspects of it. Since Tiffany Stratton winning the Women’s MITB match, Chris & Kevin talk about Tiffy Time at Summerslam. Because John Cena announced his farewell tour, your hosts talk about a potential 17th Championship reign. With Rhea Ripley returning at the end of Raw, Chris & Kevin discuss the stories still is ahead of us. To close the show, your hosts discuss how weird Austin Theory baby face is going to be.

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