Headlines: Ric Flair’s wife files for separation, Tammy Sytch not reunited and it feels so bad

Since Nineteen Seventy-TWOOOOOO!

According to Prowrestling.net, the wife of WWE Hall of Famer and maybe TNA contracted something-or-other Ric Flair has filed for legal separation. Jacqueline Fliehr is citing “acts of illicit sexual behavior,” claiming the Nature Boy has had sexual relations with many other women while the two were married. More to the story at TMZ.com, but essentially, Ric owes her money as well. Christ, I think he owes me money! This is yet another post where I get to count down the ways why this is all ridiculous and could have been curbed in the first place. 1) Don’t marry a man who’s nickname is the Nature Boy. 2) If you’re about to marry a celebrity, do a fucking Google search on him, because these sorts of skeletons – in this case, a god damn burial ground – will surface. 3) How is Ric Flair, a pudgy 63-year-old thousandaire, still banging multiple women? I mean, he’s in the Carolinas, they probably all look like if Barbara Bush were on “Hoarders,” but still, shocking.

Also according to Prowrestling.net, Tammy Sytch, aka Sunny, aka the reason I kept all of my AOL discs, requested that a judge modify a protection order placed on her by her boyfriend, whom she has assaulted numerous times. Sytch stated that she wanted more time to work out their problems. (That’s educated-white-trash-ese for “let me keep slapping the shit out of this guy, Jim Cornette-style.”) Naturally, the judge denied Sytch’s request (read more at TMZ.com), leaving me to wonder, how can I get her phone number to hook her up with Ric Flair while he’s in Waterloo for the National Wrestling Hall of Fame inductions? It’s a match MAAADEINNHEEELLLLLLL! -Eric

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