Stunt Granny Conversation: Jeremy & Kevin 12/4/2012


Jeremy: Man the more I watched raw last night the more i questioned why. Punk was the only decent thing in the entire three hours.

Kevin: I’ll have to look over my review.

Jeremy: Cesaro winning was a nice, so two.

Kevin: It was a weird episode because of how much Baby Momma Drama talked to me.

Jeremy: The rest was boring and unimaginative.

Kevin: I like The Shield stuff. Finally putting over some heels.

Jeremy: Yes then they got fed to Ryback. It should have never happened. Ryback should have run down and then cleaned house with no contact at all. They should have scattered. You can’t build the conflict with him immediately getting his hands on them .

Kevin: He only got his hands on one guy.  And babyfaces finally did what they should, help each other out in a timely manner instead of waiting around backstage

Jeremy: He got his hands on Rollins last week though. The chase is way smarter. Build it up. Don’t get on them the very next day and then subsequent weeks.

Kevin: Forgot about that

Jeremy: Think of it in terms of Star wars. A New Hope: Luke sees Vader fighting Obi-Wan. Empire Strikes back he gets a glimpse of a fight then at the end they finally duel. Finally in return of The Jedi they get it on big time and it comes to a conclusion. If it had been written by WWE it would have been  an entire episode of Raw.

Kevin: They need to give us a reason to believe any of the 3 can get it done on their own.

Jeremy: Yes there is that but they haven’t even established how they get in the building. Are they in the company? Why not book them in a match

Kevin: That was a favorite part that I didn’t bag on last night. How were they in a luxury box?  It’s not easy to get into those.

Jeremy: How did they walk down the aisle without security asking for a ticket? Luxury boxes are usually corporate owned, maaaaaaaaaan. So it would be easy to trace it back. Oh yeah, and why are they allowed to wear Big Bossman SWAT gear to the arena/

Kevin: Anything that reminds me of the Big Bossman is a positive.

Jeremy: Preach on Brother.

Jeremy:  Now if they would just carry nightsticks

Kevin: Now if they’d just handcuff Hulk Ryback to a cage and have Brodus Bundy splash him, we’d be in business

Jeremy: Ok see this is exactly what I am talking about. That has some thought behind it. It is imaginative at least.

Jeremy: no one sees that coming. So why not?

Kevin: Clay needs an overhaul

Jeremy: You trying to say the dancing happy guy is stale?

Kevin: But it seems they’re going t stick with Reigns as “the Heavy” in the group

Jeremy: AS they should cause it works. Clay doesn’t need to join. He can use them as a catalyst. They were his inspiration to change.

Kevin: I’m not sure when he was on TV last, but that’d work. It is funny how there’s never any ripple effect unless someone joins a group in wrestling.

Jeremy: Same here but when he was he lost.  When introducing someone you give them a chick or a group.

Kevin: But people can change from what others are doing

Jeremy: What you mean?

Kevin: About Brodus Clay, he doesn’t need to join The Shield to be influenced by them.  But in wrestling terms, you do need to be part of the group, which is weird.

Kevin: Food time!

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