ROH & TNA News Or Better Known as Dumb & Dumber

pig-racingThe race for the worst wrestling organization has heated up over the summer months. TNA took the lead when they decided to crown Eric Young their champion. Hands down the worst choice of a champion since David Arquette. ROH pulled ahead last week when they decided not to air new programming three weeks after crowning new champion Michael Elgin. ROH has taken a commanding lead this week. I don’t care what TNA has in store for tonight. I’m 100% sure that even if I read the spoilers, TNA wouldn’t be able to take over ROH for the stupidity rankings. It’s one simple reason, ROH again showed highlights from Best In The World. It’s great that you’re showing material from the most recent PPV, but your new champion hasn’t been on TV for a month. AN ENTIRE MONTH. The WWE made a big deal about not having a defending champion on TV when Daniel Bryan was injured. At least Bryan made TV appearances. ROH is the worst, for now.

Since TNA was brought up, they signed Sanada, Brooke Tessmacher and Sam Shaw. Sanada has been a steady hand in the ring but his character has been terrible. Even James Storm picking on Sanada has focused on the Great Muta’s approval. The least TNA could do is rip off Zeb Colter and add a little xenophobia to spice up not only Storm’s character but also Sanada’s. TNA picks the worst things to steal from the WWE like having a bearded champion and not something that could work for their farm having, beer drinking redneck that would perfectly fit his character. Brooke Tessmacher is still off with her boy toy Robbie E filming The Amazing Race, which I’m sure will put a nice bump into the ratings like when Johnny Fairplay joined TNA. Sam Shaw is going through a massive change in character, which was much needed. As much as I enjoyed the birth of the character, it was doomed from the start. Shaw has some potential but home grown talents don’t always develop, do they James Storm? – Kevin (Thanks for the news.)

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