Stunt Granny Presents: We Watch Stuff Podcast #7

After an unplanned week off the boys come back strong with a lot of comics and movie talk. The show starts off with a review of Snowpiercer. Was it worth the hype and should it have been given a wider and more prevalent release? Just how dark was the film and is it actually too ambitious? Shahid gives his quick reviews of Lucy and The Purge: Anarchy while Jeremy listens since he has been too cheap to go to the theatres.  They move on and discuss the new Thor and Captain America and squash any idea of controversy. How dumb are comic fans? Does no one understand the concept of storytelling? How much of the perceived controversy manufactured by Marvel comics? They also discuss the idea of a Black Panther movie and how it coming together may be hurt by the problems facing Ant-Man.  Is the comic movie going public actually ready for an all-black superhero movie? Could this be the hang up behind the films plans for the last ten years? Where do Blade and The Punisher fall in to this discussion? All you have to do is click the post below or download and listen.

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