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John Cena looking like this guy is perfect.

John Cena looking like this guy is perfect.

Kevin:  Anything from Raw need to be talked about since we aren’t doing a show this week?

Jeremy:  Three things stand out since I missed the ending angle. The Cena intro was very awkward but ended hot. The Swagger/Rusev crowd reactions are impressive, the show blew its load in the first hour and then went in to stand by.
Kevin:  I don’t think serious Cena failed but it did seem like a weird spot. I kept thinking to “Oh my, Summerslam is in three weeks?” Again re-thinking whether Lesnar will win. Barely paid attention to what he actually said.
Jeremy:  Cena was acting scared as if he didn’t have a chance and snuck in a line about beating him in 2012
so why the hell are you scared?
Kevin:  I did note that line got snuck in last night. You can fear a guy and respect his power but scared isn’t an option. Especially when you beat him in the past.
Jeremy:  Especially when you are the champion. If you are Santino, sure. Serious Cena now has different versions. He is infuriating.
Kevin:  I feel like he tried to pull something similar recently against a big, bad opponent. Was it Mark Henry?
Jeremy:  Maybe? That program was so short and only memorable because of Henry’s retirement and heel turn.
Kevin Which basically ended up being his real retirement speech. Whoever the opponent was, it isn’t a good look then and still isn’t now.
Do you think they were saving the “I beat him before speech” for another day?
Jeremy:  No not at all. Cena can show a concern and talk up the challenge but to act like it is a foregone conclusion he is going to get his ass kicked is stupid.
Kevin:  Which is exactly why I started to think Lesnar was going to lose. You can’t act weak then lose right?
Jeremy:  I asked Shahid about that as well, is it possible Lesnar gets dq’ed? he said no way. I want to believe that based on lesnars dates. It sure seems liek somethign is up though.
Kevin:  I suppose you could stretch this feud out but until Survivor Series but that seems like a long time away. You can’t use Cesaro as your Lesnar stand in again.
Jeremy:  No they have to have a definitive winner. Lesnar needs to go over and go strong until Wrestlemania 31.
Kevin:  Undertaker then comes back for one last win and rides off into the sunset?
Jeremy:  Me thinks it has to be Daniel Bryan or Roman Reigns. based off of marketability it will be Reigns,
Kevin:  Ha. That is a very good possibility with Reigns. Will the internet explode if Cena wins?
Jeremy:  yeah it will definitely not be a favorable outcome. Cena isn’t stupid though and as history dictates he will be taking the dive as he should.
Kevin:  He does a lot of jobs and I don’t expect it to be any different. It just dawned on me, is Brock Lesnar the problem? The build up for Undertaker was really weird too.

Jeremy:  Build for The Wrestlemania match is that Undertaker made him look foolish and no one, no one, expected Brock to win and get over.
Kevin:  You are correct. It was a different kind of weird. So we may as well move along to Swagger vs Rusev. I’ve got to admit, I kind of paid attention but I check out any time one of those four people are on TV.
Jeremy:  There was a response for the music but the action got nothing.
Kevin:  I liked the way they left the PPV match but it didn’t lend itself to a logical next match stipulation.
Jeremy:  There is a stipulation?
Kevin:  I’m assuming there’s going to be since Swagger got knocked out last time. I hope it’s not a submission match because that’d be stupid.
Jeremy:  I was figuring a flag match since they made a big deal out of them
Kevin:  Ahh, makes sense even if that is always a terrible match too. Moving along to your third point, they did seem to shoot their wad in the first hour. Unless you count the part that you missed.
Jeremy:  All of the rest was a build for Brie Bella. I enjoyed the Jericho interaction and the anticipation of him dropping the dirty, bottom feeding hoe line.
Kevin:  I knew it was coming to so went downstairs so that the Lady could see “Jerry.” I wasn’t disappointed by that or that match that came out of it.
Jeremy:  Yeah the matches were few and far between btu the action, mostly, was good.
Kevin Going back thru my review, there were only 4 matches of substance – Cena vs Cesaro, The Miz & Rybaxel vs Ziggler & The Usos, Naomi & Natalya vs Cameron & Alicia Fox and Jericho vs. Rollins. You can debate whether the ladies match had substance. 3 matches weren’t really much of anything, even Bo Dallas’s first loss.
Jeremy:  The Bo Dallas crime was saved by the post match beatdown. It makes no sense to have him lose.
Kevin:  I knew that character couldn’t last but that was more anti-climatic than I expected. I did enjoy the beat down but it’s going to be tough to sell me on Dallas being a bad ass considering his size and lack of offense even in his wins.
Jeremy:  Yep, if given time to talk maybe he can explain or start to show his hypocrisy.
Kevin:  The WWE does plenty of talking so we should get that speech. Only other thing that caught my eye, Orton’s beat down of Reigns was boring, right?

Jeremy:  Who beat down Roman Reigns?
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