What Happened To Bray Wyatt?

Remember when this was a thing?

Remember when this was a thing?

When Bray Wyatt burst onto the scene, He was a can’t miss prospect. He had it all. Charisma. Incredible delivery. 2 monstrous henchmen. Creepy vignettes. A killer entrance. Bray Wyatt seemed destined for a fast rise to the main event scene where he would stay for years to come. Yet here we are mere months after what was supposed to be a breakthrough feud with John Cena and Bray Wyatt may only make it onto Night Of Champions if WWE decides to add another match to the show in the last week?

So what happened?

Maybe Bray Wyatt wasn’t can’t miss after all. Maybe once you get passed the production tricks and the well delivered promos there’s just not a lot of substance there.

Bray has great delivery but what is he actually saying? Do fans understand a word he’s saying? Does he or the writers even understand what he’s saying?

And therein lies the problem. Bray just speaks in riddles. He offers no clear explanation of his motivations. I still have no idea what taking “John Cena’s legacy” even means. He failed at that anyway.

Even less clear were his motivations for his feud with Chris Jericho. But at least he won more than he lost in that one. Though there was nothing at stake at all. And Jericho is the one with the pay-per-view match on Sunday.

Somewhere along the way, WWE fell in love with the ability to be as “art house” as possible when it came to Bray Wyatt’s character. The only problem with that is art is supposed to come from the soul; and Bray Wyatt’s verbiage has no soul to it.

Post-Jericho feud, WWE seems to be having a hard time fitting Bray Wyatt’s character into storylines. Bray Wyatt’s character needs to change and grow in order for him to get back on track.

My suggestion: it’s wrestling, not a poetry slam. Keep it simple.

And stop jobbing Harper and Rowan!!!


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