Stunt Granny Audio 270

You are damn right, Stunt Granny Audio is back with episode 270. Jeremy and Kevin are back and immediately question if anyone reads these write-ups or if they should even bother introducing themselves if they do. They finally get in to some wrestling talk and boy things seem rather grim. What the hell is Bray Wyatt doing on early morning news broadcasts? Should any “character” be on these types of shows? Is it too late to reestablish kayfabe? What happens if John Cena wins at Night of Champions? Why does WWE use the same wrestlers on back to back shows? Is the roster that depleted/ Why ah Monday Night Raw been mediocre to just plain bad since Summerslam? What happened to the announcing? Jerry Lawler rooting on the heels? JBL and Cole defending the faces? Cats and dogs living together? What the hell has happened to WWE? The boys may not provide many answers but they sure raise a lot of questions. So download and enjoy.

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