Monday Morning Mop Up: WWE Night of Champions


I wasn’t going to pretend like I paid enough attention to Night of Champions to do a full review. My attentions were split with the Pittsburgh Steelers playing the Carolina Panthers. I know someone else from the site was in attendance but who knows if we’ll get more than a few tweets from him.

The Usos taking on the Dust Brothers led off the evening. I feel like the Usos have opened a lot of pay per views during their reign as champions because they’re an exciting team. The Dust Brothers are just as fun but certainly more so in a traditional sense than the more athletic Usos. I’m fine with the Dust Brothers getting the belts. Strong heels having the belts will help change the story of the belts and they deserve something for their strong work.

Sheamus defended the US Title against Cesaro. Chris Calamita and I speculated that this could spark both competitors to better fortunes. Both of them worked hard and put on the hard hitting match that I expected. I hope it helps both of them because I enjoy both of them. Sheamus won so the follow up for Cesaro is going to be really important now.

Dolph Ziggler was the next champion to defend his title and it was against the Miz. They had their respective stunt doubles in R Ziggler & Damien Mizdow. The Miz won with a handful of tights. I’ve got no idea what they’re doing with any of these four. I’m being entertained by them. The WWE is having the Miz & Ziggler float in some level of mediocrity. I feel like they need to be elevated or eliminated. They’re stale in their mediocrity role since they’ve both been their for years. Sandow is the youngest of the group so he’s got time. R Truth is happy to collect a pay check and should stay that way.

I had no idea that Roman Reigns had had emergency hernia surgery before the PPV. Seth Rollins count out victory seemed more hollow than most because of it. The WWE keeps building people up and they keep running into bad luck aka an injury. CM Punk walking away only hurt the WWE’s depth more. I was not surprised by Dean Ambrose‘s reappearance to attack Rollins. They definitely need to carry the load now since they’re not injured for the young guys.

No one gave Mark Henry a chance against Rusev, right? Good. Let’s move along.

The same can be said for Randy Orton taking on the departing Chris Jericho. Actually, I have more to say because I have tickets to see Fozzy open for Theory of a Deadman on Friday. There’s a very good chance I leave after Fozzy is done.

Paige defending the Divas Title against AJ Lee and Nikki Bella. It was a solid enough match but I would be just fine keeping the Bellas away from the title hunt. Normally, I’d hate the title bouncing around but AJ & Paige are establishing a good back and forth for the title with no one else in sight to fight either of them. They’ve had close match ups to boot with oen just slipping in a finisher to get the victory. AJ’s submission win over Paige was no different. Best Divas feud in a very long time.

John Cena ended up getting a hefty amount of offense against Brock Lesnar in this second match but it’ll be remembered by Seth Rollins interfering to cause the John Cena DQ and Lesnar retention. Dean Ambrose didn’t need to cut Rollins off from cashing in the briefcase as Cena did the chasing for costing him the title after a fourth AA and several STF attempts. They had to even the playing field and get it to Hell In a Cell for another match so I can’t say I’m too surprised by the way the main event paid off. It’s okay if you get a screwy finish when it’s only $9.99 a month instead of $54.99, right? – Kevin

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