Stunt Granny Conversation: Total Divas, Property Brothers & More Nonsense

Who's Daniel Bryan? We only know aboot Canadian wrestlers. From

Who’s Daniel Bryan? We only know aboot Canadian wrestlers. From

Kevin:  Did some catch up last night, Falling Skies, American Dad, Total Divas & ROH
Jeremy:  I may be at the breaking point with Total Divas
Kevin:  I know this sounds stupid, but they really could have pulled off Brie being the idiot of the family after watching the episode from not this Sunday but last Sunday
Jeremy:  Yea man. these put on story lines are the worst. John and Bryan are only reason to watch
Kevin:  The men in general. Jimmy Uso and Titus O’Neil crack me up too. I did want to slap Bryan about being worried about the budget.
Jeremy:  Titus needs to be on more, on both shows
Kevin:  Look fuckwad, if I can afford to redo my bathroom, so can you.
Jeremy:  You bought $100,000 house on your salary and worry about fixing it up? So stupid. Plus they are worried about buying a bed and breakfast for $2.5 mil but worry about the house fixer upper?
Kevin:  Didn’t get to that episode last night. I don’t like marathoning shows.
Jeremy:  Oh god. It is the worst. I am OK with it but this show will hurt your head.
Kevin:  The fixing up is even more stupid in that light then. The house looked like garbage.
Jeremy:  Then she called it her dream house. Some people have limited imaginations I suppose.
Kevin I’m all for having a small house but dream shouldn’t have been used
Jeremy:  Not at all. Does you dream house come with an attached garage and sans rocket boosters so it can fly wherever you want?
Kevin:  I’m not sure I want my house to fly but I’d think they could have found more of what they liked with more searching instead of needing to install solar panels, rain catchment system, redoing the entire interior. Unless they want to do a cross over with the Property Brothers.
Jeremy:  Yeah like new construction. DUDE! What a great idea! Holmes makes it right with the Danielsons. Selling San Diego with Nikki Bella. Hip Hop wives with Ariane. I think that last one is real. Whatever interior design show with John Cena.
Kevin:  Raising Rikishi with Trin & Jimmy
Jeremy:  Awesome
Kevin Bland Central with John Cena
Jeremy:  Are you smarter than a fifth grader with Damien Sandow? People’s Court with David Otunga. 90 Day Fiancee with Emma. Little People Big World with Hornswoggle.
Kevin:  The Wyatt Family starts making their own duck calls. I’d be seriously disappointed if the WWE hadn’t thought of any of these ideas with the Network and their production team.
Jeremy:  Of course they didn’t.
Kevin:  Then that’s laziness on their part. You’ve already stolen the Legends House idea so why not expand? And even if you don’t make your own programming on it, doing a cross over like I suggested would be perfect. Get more exposure on other networks.
Jeremy:  A crossover is the ideal thing. Something to promote but it would have to be on the same NBC/Universal platform.
Kevin:  After looking at the list, it seems they have gotten wrestlers on as many channels as possible.
Jeremy:  Wow no kidding. Illumination Entertainment? ILLUMINATI is more like it!
Kevin Ha. I still say they can find a way to do a cross over. Or again, do it on your own. You’re art house enough to do the Wyatt promos.
Jeremy:  You listen to Jericho with HHH? Wyatt did those on his own then they edited it up to show Trips and they put them on TV. So Triple H says.
Kevin:  I did listen to that but must have forgotten it. He probably only did the first one then went thru the WWE.
Jeremy:  Yeah it sounds too remarkable. The final rating for Monday’s WWE RAW was a 2.69. This is the lowest rating of the year, going back to Christmas 2013. Ouch. I have been watching the Monday Night Wars Series on the Network. They had a 7.6 rating at one time. Where did those people go?
Kevin:  Wow, didn’t know Raw was that bad numbers wise. Where’d they go? Somewhere. Hard to say really.
Jeremy:  One of those times the headline grabbed me. All of Nitros viewers are gone too.
Kevin I mean, if they’re gearing the programming more towards kids, the parents would want to try and get them into wrestling, right?
Jeremy:  You would think. A lot of college and younger kid-less people watched then. So who knows. A lot left in droves when the stars bolted and well, John Cena
Kevin:  He’s certainly part of it. The bad writing that accompanied his era to me is a bigger culprit. I think that’s why I was so disappointed when things went really bad this past month or so.
Jeremy:  Yep, those go hand in hand. They found a reliable guy that sold merch and damned everyone else. Orton being a basket case didn’t help.
Kevin Lots of new wrestlers coming up, everyone seems pretty cool, decent gimmicks and plenty of good wrestling but we seem stuck back where we were. Orton certainly didn’t help which made it all the more amusing when JR praised him. He’s been such a beaten down character since the new call ups.
Jeremy:  I started to like Orton when he was taunting the fans and his opponents. he has dropped that now.
it didn’t seem forced at all.
Kevin I was going to compare him to Batista but Orton works better as a face. Both are still better off as heels though.
Jeremy:  Orton works better as a face when allowed to be himself. his arrogance is endearing.
which is a bigger problem. People had characters but they weren’t homogenized or so bottom rung simplistic as they are now. Look at the Wyatts. They play characters but complex characters. Watching those crowds though man, it was intense.
Kevin:  I’m not surprised. When you attend Raws & Smackdowns today, the amount of people there is a huge difference. The only time I’ve seen a true full house are WM & the Raw after. They can say “sell out” all they want on TV but when you tarp off most of the 2nd level, it’s not sold out.
Jeremy:  Yeah exactly. People reacted to everything it appeared.
Kevin:  That’s the part that I’m not sure can be recaptured. Not that TV was just the major networks then, but there are more choices now.
Wrestling is one of the worst written TV programs I watch.
Jeremy:  Yeah a ridiculous amount. Also MMA, top dog UFC of course, is all over as well. I cannot name another show I watch with worse writing.
Kevin If I didn’t have an affinity for trash TV, I would say it’s the worst thing I watch. Hawaii Five-O & Falling Skies are in that category but I think that’s where it stops.
Jeremy:  The strain started that way but improved
Kevin:  Glad I jumped in when it got good for that show. You’ve mentioned HHH & Vince butting heads, I wonder if they do so over the writing quality.
Jeremy:  Here is the problem, we will never know the truth. All of our information is second hand . So from reading it sounds liek Vince will rewrite shows to his pleasure. What he finds entertaining instead of what is getting reactions on TV or from sales.
Kevin:  All speculation as always. If the WWE hadn’t fired other bloggers, I’d have some faith that talks like this would land us on the WWE writing staff.
Jeremy:  Hmm, so we need to amp up the rhetoric?
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