Stunt Granny Audio: OHPA 19

shithitsthefanKen & Kevin are back in your ear holes to talk about cars as dead bodies. At least to open the show. They move on to Mr. New York, Derek Jeter. He may have won the game last night for the  Yankees but the guys were discussing Keith Olbermann‘s reaming of him as an all time great. Consider this anti-Lionel Messi discussion. Are you able to be great simply by winning? Or do you need good stats to prove your greatness? How many stats did Olbermann cherry pick? How enjoyable was the rant? How obvious was it that he was trying to get the Yankee fan’s dander up? Ken & Kevin then move on to talk about a sports subject that isn’t about statistics. The original story slated to be talked about was how Steve Bisciotti said no one would be fired for the Ray Rice-gate. They end up talking about the breaking news that the NFL Security director Jeffery Miller in April. Was it truly just one bad moment for Rice? Which one of your hosts was punched by an ex-girlfriend? Why did she do it? Who did she get compared to for her punching power? Did said host punch her back? Would he have reacted differently if he had been more intoxicated? They got from drunk talk to pot talk by mentioning the news anchor who left her job because she is all in on legalizing pot in Alaska. What was the original story that she was reporting on? Could she have done a better job with how she quit? Is it hard to take her seriously after the way she quit? Will you be able to smoke pot and freeze your ass off soon? Ken & Kevin’s last subject required a serious segue to talk about animals having emotions. How much of a pain in the ass can scientists be? How can you prove that people are experiencing the emotions they’re talking about? What is the cut off for animals to have emotions? Where did Kevin’s ex-wife draw the line? As usual, they end with the #SippyTimeBeer(s) of the week since Ken & Kevin were drinking different beers.


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