Stunt Granny Conversation: Royalties, Rosters and #Bunnymania

Jeremy: Raw was so fucking boring there isn’t even anything say.
Kevin:  #Bunnymania. Brian loved it.
Jeremy:  I was waiting for the reveal of Darren Young but when it was clear it was a white dude under the suit. It was pointless.
Kevin:  I guess I didn’t update the column at the end of the night. Missing the main event in my review. Boo me.
Jeremy:  Just put zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz or, take a guess, DQ finish and brawl dummies
Kevin:  Yeah, I’m writing something up of pretty much what I thought.
Jeremy:  The promotion is such a mess right now. WresteMania season cannot get here fast enough.
Kevin:  I can’t blame them for all of it. Bryan, Barrett and Reigns being on the shelf pretty much wipe out their depth. Punk would have been gone by now even if he had honored the end of his contract.
Jeremy:  That is part of it. the absolute zero push of anyone not int he main event doesn’t help. Sandow is a glaring example. Hell you even mentioned what happened to Fandango? No he isn’t a top guy but at least someone else could have been on. Where the hell was the Wyatt Family?
Kevin:  Off filming another art house movie
Jeremy:  They didn’t even have Paul Heyman or Brock on Raw. Even a video.
Kevin:  Heyman was taking pictures of Lesnar a la Shawn Michaels for Playgirl
Jeremy:  I hate you. Just a train crash
Kevin:  Blame Heyman and his love of cameras. He was even spouting off about them on Austin’s recent show. The WWE is going multimedia these days. Need to have every angle covered.
Jeremy:  SO real question, is Mark Henry legit hurt cause he was moving really slow?
Kevin:  One second, going back to depth. Why are Cesaro, Sheamus and Ziggler not being used to fill the void? Even if the WWE doesn’t like all of them, can’t they be used to help fill the void until the others come back?
Jeremy:  well they are on but then there is a 6 man tag match so all three gets used up
Curtis Axel is floating out there somewhere. Adam Rose is called up and barely used or now with a bunny. Whatever they are doing with Bo Dallas. I was thinking this morning they need jobbers back.
Kevin:  Slater & Gator, Los Matadores, Kane, R Truth and Damien Sandow aren’t enough jobbers? How did I forget about the Great Khali as a jobber?!?!
Jeremy:  No, he needs cut. They aren’t going to India anytime soon. But seriosuly, bring in local guys or something. Have some of the lower guys bury them but then the announcers wouldn’t pay attention or would make fun of the jobbers so it is counter productive. You can’t build up people if they are fighting people that need built up.
Kevin:  I’d be fine with the WWE using local guys for that purpose but as you note, the announcers won’t take them seriously. Local guys might be better served going on Main Event or the smaller shows since those announcers are more straight forward.
Jeremy:  Good idea. Use those shows for something. That is one of the fundamentals of the older days that is still needed. Especially when we did that quick roster review and how small it is make some wonder if those budget cuts were smart.
Kevin:  Considering they’re independent contractors, I’d think they might be one of the lower costs and other things would save more money.
Jeremy:  You would think? I guess with merchandise and royalties from different publications and games it could be?
Kevin:  I’m guessing the lower card guys that they released weren’t seeing too much money.
Mike Knox was dragging in mad cash from WWE2K13.
Jeremy:  I don’t know about that actually. I read a few things where they made about 45,000 from those things. This would be the initial check. That is healthy money for a video game.
Kevin:  Damn. Even for the lower tier guys? If that’s the case, I’m done with them bitching about their contracts.
Jeremy:  It probably varies but I think that was low end. I know Foley brought it up, I can’t remember where I read it. The lower tier guys were “pretty happy” with the results.
isn’t that the frustrating part though? Guys not being utilized costs them money in long run
Kevin:  It’s not frustrating to me. It makes no sense that anyone shucking out this kind of money doesn’t care how their talent is being used. “I’m going to give this guy a $45,000 bump every time we have a video game even though we have no plans to use him on TV in any relevant manner.” Somehow I don’t see Vince saying that.
Jeremy:  I meant form the talent aspect. That $45,000 could be $90,000 if utilized or got o0n TV more saying that the $45,000 is good enough seems to complacent.
Kevin:  Oh, I got you. I’d say that goes back to the politics aspect of the writing staff. I mean, if Batista can’t get heard by them, what chance does R Truth stand? Then the other aspect is, if you were R Truth, you’ve been to TNA. You came back to the WWE. He could go back to TNA and be in a much better spot but he stays in the WWE. Is he complacent or is he plain making more bank in the WWE despite being used poorly?
Jeremy:  He is making more money with better long term stability. Who in their right mind goes to TNA right now? I think there would definitely be a feeling of being stuck.
Kevin:  I guess that does make them complacent but making as much money as possible. Hard to blame the talent for that. Probably why I looked at things from a management perspective instead of a talent aspect to start.
Jeremy:  Oh no, I am not blaming them but seeing their side of things. Look R Truth has come as far as you can but why not utilize his crazy ass? people got behind the goofy shit with Lil Jimmy. then they killed him and it. I fully acknowledge it isn’t a main event gimmick but it worked. He had t-shirts and all that which is extra money. Then he disappeared and the gimmick and financials with it.
Kevin:  I wish I knew the answer to the utilize question. It makes no sense. Maybe it’s because we don’t really know the business, mmmmaaaannnn.
Jeremy:  Well yeah. would love to see a bottom rung guys contract.
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