Stunt Granny Audio Episode 275

WOOL1Jeremy is back in the saddle after several weeks off for his wedding. He is joined by Kevin. They start the show by talking a lot about sports roaming from hockey to football. They finally get to the dirty work of talking about wrestling. Why exactly is is dirty work these days? Is the show terrible? Or is it terrible with a few bright spots? Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt are both bright spots so why is their feud so disjointed? Why isn’t Wyatt still the leader of a cult? Why doesn’t he want pay back from Ambrose’s time in the Shield? Why is Ambrose bothered by dirty daddy taunts when he’s supposed to be the lunatic fringe? What statistic does Kevin give to Jeremy the starts a whole different line of thinking on the show? Why does this bring up talk of Eric and Shahid at Jeremy’s wedding? Why is John Cena the worst person to battle against Team Authority? And can anyone remind us why we should hate The Authority? Will it end up leading to something at WrestleMania involving Vince McMahon & HHH? Why can’t the WWE develop a solid mid-card? Why are they wasting people like Kofi Kingston or Jack Swagger, who both just got back on TV? Can Dolph Ziggler create a grass roots campaign a la Daniel Bryan? Where were some of the competitors on Monday instead of the Raw taping? Why would you got to a house show without a majority of the roster? These questions can’t even touch on all of the subjects they ping ponged about so just click on the link below already.

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