News You Can Use: Alberto Del Rio, The Rock and C.M. Punk



– According to the WWE, Alberto Del Rio and the WWE:

have reached a mutual understanding with regard to his future booking opportunities. WWE wishes Alberto the best in his future endeavors.

The WWE is only wishing him the best because he would have gotten the same amount of TV time in the US if he was still working for the WWE as he is with AAA. It’s not like the WWE could use a main eventer with CM Punk leaving, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns being injured, Randy Orton out filming a terrible movie and the WWE Champion Brock Lesnar at home shooting deer.

– According to, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart will be co-starring in a movie called “Central Intelligence.” It’s a cop buddy movie because unknown to me “21 Jump Street” has done well. The Rock is the CIA agent while Hart gets to be the buddy. I’m not familiar with the director Rawson Marshall Thurber because he directed “We’re The Millers.” Ike Barinholtz and Dave Stassen were the original writers which does have me excited. Barinholtz has written and directed some of the episodes of “The Mindy Project” which is quite the funny show. I’m sure “We Watch Stuff” will have more on this movie when it comes out.

– If you haven’t seen the news yet, CM Punk was interviewed by about his upcoming story in the Thor Annual coming out in February. The most interesting part of the article may have been that there is a “Marvel Method” to making a script for a comic book. I can only hope that Stan Lee makes any Marvel writer have an ear piece on at all times so he can berate them as they attempt to do their job well. After Punk writes the script poorly, he’ll be demoted to writing Moon Knight issues until Stan Lee decides he’s paid his dues and can finally write the great script Punk has in mind for The Punisher, which would be the first ever great script for that series. – Kevin

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