Stunt Granny Audio 277

Hobbler Trolls from

Chris and Kevin are back again and wondering if any other television show trolls their audience like the WWE does. They first address the one bright spot in the show which was the match up between Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose. What marred that match up though? Why did Bray Wyatt, the heel, get the beat down at Survivor Series? What was the biggest troll job on this show? Chris wanted to start at the end of the Raw but Kevin felt compelled to talk about why Dolph Ziggler played a humble character after eliminating four of the five members of Team Authority. Would it make sense if he turns heel? Why should he turn heel if Bad News Barrett, Mark Henry and Big Show all returned to the heel position? Will Randy Orton end up flipping back to heel quickly after his return? Chris gets his wish and they finally get to address Anonymous GM Gimmick. Does any other TV intentionally sabotage themselves to prove a point? Is this a matter of catering to the internet audience too much? Did Kevin read too much into the multiple alerts by the Anonymous GM after Michael Cole spoke? How long will the WWE milk this gimmick? Will they really run it until we want The Authority back? Can anyone blame the guest hosts for Raw any more? Did Larry The Cable Guy help make Kane and Santino funny? Is there a likeable Diva out there? Why didn’t Brie Bella get a moment to explain her actions to help her sister? AJ Lee isn’t a very likeable character either so why should we be compelled to watch the Divas? Speaking of likeability, would you want to hang out with John Cena? What does Chris specifically not like about him? Why is Kevin turning the corner on not liking him? Can your hosts get off the hate train long enough to show some love for Sting? Will your hosts troll our fans through this write up? Find out when you click the link below!

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