Stunt Granny Audio: OHPA 24

Pictures from the Philae Lander from

Ken & Kevin recorded before the Thanksgiving break so I’m not exactly sure what we talked about so if this write up is wrong, you’ll know why. I really should have done this at that time. I’m pretty sure we started off by talking about 52 common myths that are inaccurate. Which ones did your hosts find most interesting? Was Napoleon really short? How long are goldfishes memories really? Which one was proven wrong on Myth Busters years ago? How many of these myths dealt with the Bible? One of the topics on the fine list that we keep is about a unicorn. It’s actually a Slovenian Roe Deer that happens to have a single horn. How much of an anomaly is that? Why did it happen? What makes antlers so unique? What is the typical life cycle of the antler? I’m fairly certain they still found it cool enough that a satellite landed on a comet to talk about Philae. I mean seriously, how does that cease to be cool? Ken & Kevin definitely talk about the world’s largest Ganzfield Chamber designed by James Turrell. It is housed in the Louis Vitton Building in Las Vegas. It only allows six people in it at a time. How far in advance do you need to make reservations? Would your hosts rather go to this exhibit than gambling? I took a gamble putting together this write up. Take the same gamble and click on the link below for more OHPA goodness no matter what the topics may be.

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