Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 41

Ken & Kevin are back for a second straight day even if they recorded a week apart. They yet again try to steal “We Watch Stuff” ‘s thunder by talking about the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer which we suggest you watch before listening to this show. Are the guys back on the Star Wars band wagon? Is J.J. Abrams better off directing Star Wars instead of Star Trek? What are their favorite parts of the trailer? They stay with the movie topic but put an OHPA spin on Furious 7 by talking about the physics of jumping a Lykan Hypersport from tower to tower at the Etihad Skyscraper Complex. How far apart are they? How many stories would you fall? At which speed would you drop the least amount of floors? What is the ideal angle to make this jump? What stunt is more implausible in this scene than jumping between buildings? Ken & Kevin end with a topic near and dear to their heart, drinking. Why is it illegal to drink in public? Is Ohio going to make legal to drink in public? How was Kevin’s experience in New Orleans when he could carry around an open container? Why did it become legal to be drunk in public but not to be able to carry an open container? Why is Prohibition involved in both ends of this story? Of course they end with their Sippy Time Beer of the Week, which was in an open container.

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