Stunt Granny Conversation: The Walking Dead – Season 6 – Thank You

Saved from but surely from AMC in some capacity.

Saved from but surely from AMC in some capacity.

Kevin: So, it’s going to be a busy day. Are we going to get into The Walking Dead?

Jeremy: May as well get this out of the way; how the hell do they get Glenn out of this? He certainly should be dead but like anything else you can analyze the scene and he wasn’t bleeding form mouth. Whenever someone gets gutted they bleed from the mouth.

Kevin: Nicholas was laying on top of him so it could have been his guts but I don’t know how he gets out of it. Zombies are pretty dumb but they seem to know when people are still alive.

Jeremy: Popular theory I read was he crawled under the dumpster, which still wouldn’t work.  The covered in blood theory doesn’t apply because it has to be walker guts not people guts.

Kevin: He could have used some of the dead zombies laying around as his cover. Nicholas & him did kill quite a few before dummy offed himself. Has that happened before? It was a perfect ending for that character.

Jeremy: Nah they were clean as a whistle on top of the dumpster. The other part is the amount of walkers. How the hell do you get out of that without it being a total eye rolling scenario?

Kevin: It would be an eye rolling if Glenn gets out of it. They were in a dead end with zombies on the other side of the end. The hidden like Dutch in Predator is the only way to get out. Even then, it’s pretty far fetched.

Jeremy: Yeah people around work as well all think he is dead. Apparently he was shooting scenes just last month but that doesn’t mean too much. it was just a shocking scene. No one expected Glenn to go out then.
Kevin: That was the strangest thing to me, I kept thinking “They’re going to get out of this.” But they never did. Usually there’s some type of build up to someone dying. They get featured for a few episodes prior to their death so you kind of know it was coming. Glenn was on the first episode but not so much so that I thought he’d get killed.
Jeremy: I suppose he had enough in the first episode back to show he redeemed Nicholas? he also had the character moments with the pocket watch and then calling Rick a dumbass. On Talking Dead Chris Hardwick, said it shows no one is safe and this is a dangerous world. Well yeah it is but choosing Glenn to go out like that was shocking. Tyresse may have gone in a goofier way but he at least had an end. Glenn being so popular and one of the only people around from beginning of episode 1, even if it was just his voice, made it all the more shocking.
Kevin: I did get a good laugh out of Glenn calling Rick a dumb ass. You are right too, Glenn had a lot of little moments that dropped out of my mind. The watch was a good touch though on reflection. Tyreese went down swinging too. Poor Glenn is trapped under Nicholas.
Jeremy: So is all the talk of him getting out of this just a way to cope with losing a favorite or is it justified? has any other main character gone out like that?
Kevin: I think it’s a way to cope. I’ve never gotten too attached to Glenn myself but he has grown on me. I don’t think any character has gone out quite like that, kind of helpless. I didn’t see it coming in any way. But I do think it’s only right that someone from The Group die. The last few seasons, it’s all been people who joined the Group at some point who got knocked off.
Jeremy: From the first season until now there are three people left. Rick, Carl, Daryl. Oh Carol, which is funny I forgot her but she was completely different.
Kevin: I was wondering if you mistyped Carol and had forgotten the O at first glance. How dare you forget your favorite character? That is a pretty short list but it is how it should be. Not a lot of people come back from a war. A zombie apocalypse isn’t your typical war but it is one.
Jeremy: So how you going to take it if Glenn somehow survives? may as well get this out of the way. If it happens it seems cheap.
Kevin: Maybe they can think up something you or I can’t, but the options seem limited for his survival. I also think I’ve been clear up to this point, it’d be really cheap if Glenn is still alive.
Jeremy: Yeah man, it all hinges on the follow through. All of the situations that have been given don’t make sense unless… Well, if he sneaks under the dumpster and climbs the fence real quick and hops over to the tree side? But then you figure there are walkers over there as well. Would jumping inside the dumpster work? I give up. he better be dead I guess.
Kevin: Hahaha. If Glenn is dead, Maggie is down to herself from her family. What a horrific fate for her. Rick didn’t exactly look like he was in the best situation to end the show either.
Jeremy: Lost in all of this was the fact Rick is in some serious trouble. I guess he can climb on top of the RV? But there is no help coming. I suppose the rules need to be laid out again as well. if he gets on top of the rv and lays down they will just take off right?
Kevin: I’m not sure how close he was to the rendezvous point but it’s possible that the noise from Daryl and Sasha & Abraham could distract them if Rick manages to get himself up to the roof and try and wait it out. It seemed his best option as the zombies were quite literally coming out of the wood work.
Jeremy: OK here is something else. Rick clearly cut himself on the broken knife right? I thought that was pretty clear.
Kevin: Yes, he came up with the injury after stabbing the one zombie. It wasn’t made a big deal of when it happened because he kept on killing zombies.
Jeremy: Yeah I thought so. I liked the callback with the one walker having his machete in the walkers back. it also was a nice contrast with Glenn. Rick gets attacked and he deals with all of them as he should. Glenn is the only character that hasn’t killed a person. Rick, has no issue.
Kevin: I hadn’t thought about that but you are correct. Rick is all over killing people. It was interesting to me that the people that attacked him in the RV didn’t have any signs in my viewing to have the W on them. I thought it was particularly gruesome the way he shot through the RV to kill the trio outside.
Jeremy: That was the guy who took Morgans gun. The five who escaped because Morgan is an idiot pacifist. his plan on shooting them was safer but it may have been better to go about being quieter. Of course he didn’t expect the RV not to start. On watching again it got shot up so that thing is dead in water.
Kevin: That’s the part I didn’t understand, honestly. Rick shot through the side wall. Did I miss something in car design that has the engine on the side of even a vehicle as large as an RV? Isn’t the engine in the front? I know the vehicles are less used then too but too many of them stall out for no reason in my opinion.
Jeremy: No it was the console that got shot when the first Wolf broke in. There were sparks as well. So must have gotten in the engine. Although based off the first season an RV breaking down out of the blue is not unheard of.
Kevin: I had forgotten about that actually. Makes sense now. Rick was up shit creek after that altercation. The shooting up of the side walk just made his problem worse. You are right about the RV too. They have made it a running theme though it is reaching back at this point in the show.
Jeremy: I enjoyed the hell out of that scene though. Rick was in clear danger and after Glenn anything was possible. I enjoyed the story structure of Glenn looking out for people and Rick gunning them down. As it stands Rick wins. Rick keeps being proven correct but no one listens. he says don’t stop, they stop. He says leave them behind, they wait for them.
Kevin: It is funny that no one listens to Rick. People always think the plan is too callous. The only people who did listen were the injured people who were dragging down Michonne & Henry.
Jeremy: Yeah and Heath was all pissy. Then Michonne puts him in his place. I enjoyed that scene but still, she didn’t listen. Can’t act all smart when you aren’t following the plan.
Kevin: That’s what I thought the whole time. You’re the dumb ass who’s caught in store that doesn’t look particularly ready to be defended well. The zombies screwing up their day was one of the more ridiculous scenes. They walked by that cooler earlier and the zombies didn’t make a peep.
Jeremy: That confused me. Did they break through a wall or something? Or did it take that long for the walkers to stir?
Kevin: One could say that all of the arguing got them to stir but that explanation is almost as weak as Glenn getting out of his predicament.
Jeremy: I suppose so. Just seemed like a weird thing to happen but it did lead to them breaking out of the pet store.
Kevin: Which ended up being kind of weird because that small group of three (Michonne, Henry & random guy) seemed to be the only ones running who were destined to survive.
Jeremy: Well Annie tried running and that makeshift crutch let her down. All those seasons with Herschel and his cane that never came in to play.
Kevin: Hershel’s looked like a real cane if memory serves, not a make shift cane. Annie was ready to make the sacrifice though.
Jeremy: I just meant we get a gimp on the show and it wasn’t Herschel getting chased down. At least Annie wasn’t scared. Just like Abraham.
Kevin: Abraham was a man on a mission this episode. Sasha was a woman on a mission. Pretty sure we just summed up their involvement in the show.
Jeremy: I just liked that even in the three scenes they gave him, Abraham still gave us a one liner.
Kevin: He does bring a certain amount of levity to the situation. Daryl’s little sub-plot didn’t have much to it either.
Jeremy: He was the one that listened even though he strayed. This was the point i got from it. You thought he was going to save Rick but he went back to the plan. Was a big surprise really.
Kevin: I was surprised Daryl could so easily rejoin them. It made me wonder why Abraham & Sasha were worried about him straying aside from the initial noise making. I did think Daryl was going to help Rick out of the jam. Rick got himself out of the alive people jam at least.
Jeremy: All on his own. He followed the plan and survived. Now if they would all just follow suit.
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