Stunt Granny Presents: OHPA 60

Ken & Kevin are back after their mini-hiatus. They start with the just passed Back to the Future (II) date. Why are people focusing on what we don’t have from the movie? What do we have from the movie? The video was more about the making of the movie. Had either hosts seen clips of Eric Stoltz in the Marty role? Did the reasoning behind his firing make more sense to them after this video? What part of the movie did Ken always find too cartoony? Can Kevin talk him into holding a different position from this fantastic film? The guys moved onto the edited together montage above called Hell’s Club. How many movies did they cram into this video montage in a club? How well did the characters “interact” with each other? Did the music match the various scenes without being the original music? Did certain actors have more than one cameo? How much talking was in this montage? Ken & Kevin wrap up their movie talk by talking about what held up Monday’s WWE Raw coverage, the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. Why are people complaining about a trailer not giving away anything when those same people normally complain that trailers give away too much? How excited for this movie are they? Are they even more excited that the Hateful Eight is debuting a different weekend in December? Ken & Kevin wrap up their show by talking about a man who called 911 to report that he was “Too High.” Even if you’re high now, you should be able to click on the link below!

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