Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of WWE Raw – 23 November 2015

The Frist Center for the Visual Arts in Nashville TN. Saved from

The Frist Center for the Visual Arts in Nashville TN. It was designed by Marr & Holman Architects in the early 1930s. Saved from

After a nice summary of events at the end of Survivor Series, I am left to wonder why I pay for the Network when they show the main event on Raw the next day. HHH & Stephanie come out and try to build sympathy for Roman Reigns. They’re really going this route, huh? Reigns was already being positioned as sympathetic and it wasn’t working. Doubling down isn’t going to make it work. Sheamus comes out to gloat and gets no sold. People are even having a hard time chanting “You look stupid!” He tries to build more sympathy for Reigns. Tripling down isn’t going to help either. No matter what they say in their own defense, they know they’re bombing by the crowd reaction. Roman Reigns finally comes out. He’s getting a better reaction than anyone so far. Yes chants for some random reason. Dreamy eyes Reigns and HHH have a stare down to preview Zoolander 2. HHH is tough guy GM now. Hold on, it just dawned on me that going off the crowd reaction makes my mocking of their angle moot. Hmmm. Still not a great reaction for Reigns is the best I can muster now. Rusev attacks. No Lana in sight. Rusev wrestles Reigns tonight.

The Dudley Boyz are taking on Luke Harper & Bray Wyatt from the Wyatt Family. Bubba Ray takes it to Harper early. Devon and him even set up for an early 3D. Break. Bray Wyatt is in control. I love how the announcers have to say Harper is getting a chance to make up for last night. He’s just by far the best wrestler in the group outside of Wyatt. Bubba gets a hot tag and takes over on Harper. Bubba swings at Erick Rowan. Harper with a discus clothes for the win. Rowan & Braun Strowman join in a beat down.

I fast forwarded through an entire segment of Raw without stopping because it was all highlights. Sasha Banks came to the ring for her match. Becky Lynch was in the ring after the break. Tamina interferes to let Sasha gain the advantage. Lynch gets a flurry of offense. Sasha gains a short advantage. Lynch locks on the Dis-Armer. Tamina distracts the ref while Naomi pulls Sasha out of the ring. Sasha rolls up Lynch for the win. Paige gets to point out that Charlotte’s arms were under the ropes so the Figure 8 should have been broken up and Paige wouldn’t have tapped.

New Day makes fun of Country music and how terrible it is. They do their own updated version of country music. Lucha Dragons answer New Day’s open challenge. The Usos come out. The New Day get upset that the other teams made the night about themselves instead of New Day. They end up canceling the open challenge. New Day gets taken out by the other four. Xavier Woods takes the most abuse for the group.

Renee Young gets to interview Charlotte. She knows it isn’t over between her and Paige. They face each other tonight so Paige’s argument seems like a waste of time. Mark Henry comes out. His opponent is Neville. If Henry takes this loss, just wow. I mean, he should but to lose in a one off match with no build up is weird. I would have enjoyed a week or two of Henry’s glowing quotes on Twitter about Neville. Red Arrow Splash for the win. Henry and Neville run into each other outside the ring. Henry shakes Neville’s hand. The fans may have bought it if the match had gone longer. Stardust is babbling about his brother coming back. Titus O’Neil wonders into the scene. He schmoozes Stardust then barks in his ear. They announce PTP & Goldust vs The Ascension & Stardust.

The match takes place after the commercial. The match isn’t very interesting until Darren Young starts selling for the baby face team. Titus O’Neil ends up getting the hot tag. He wins with the Clash of the Titus (Sky High). Okay, so the selling didn’t help the interest in the match much.

Zeb Colter & Alberto Del Rio come out for a special statement. I reach for a beer. Jack Swagger comes out to challenge Del Rio. Quite the drop off in quality of US Title challengers when Cena lost the belt too. It would have been more interesting if Swagger had joined them.

Paige is taking on Charlotte again because of the arm situation. They trade slaps. Charlotte takes over with an arm bar. Charlotte continues to work over Paige in the early going. Paige turns it around when she pulls Charlotte off the middle ropes. Paige slaps on a submission. Charlotte ends up fighting her way to the ropes. Paige triangles Charlotte’s head with her legs. Paige suplexes Charlotte into the ropes to injure her leg. Paige continues to work over Charlotte’s leg. Both kick each other in the face to lengthen the match. Charlotte is the one doing the working over after the break. Charlotte spears Paige out of the ring. Charlotte tries to get back into the ring but Paige throws her against the barrier. Both are counted out. Paige goes for the PTO on the announcer table. Haven’t we seen this already? I’ll stand with my criticism then, what makes a submission more impressive on a table?

Heath Slater makes a re-appearance. Ryback makes a merciful end to a not so well thought out roast of Nashville. Slater cracks Ryback with his guitar. Ryback is unfazed. Meat Hook & Shellshock in short order.

Dean Ambrose & Dolph Ziggler are in a match against Tyler Breeze & Kevin Owens. I can see they’re going to love rubbing in the five minute and fifteen second reign for Reigns. No big surprise that Ziggler sells early. Ambrose gets a hot tag and cleans up on Breeze. Owens distracts and attacks Ambrose. It does Breeze little good. Dirty Deeds for the win.

Let’s just all pretend we didn’t see the Tex-Mex skit. Are we cool? Good.

Rusev takes on Roman Reigns in the main event. Sheamus is sitting near the announce booth. Nothing much happens before the early break. Sheamus attacks Reigns while the ref is admonishing Rusev. He maintains the upper hand with help from Sheamus. The referee tosses Sheamus from ring side after the second occurrence. Reigns gets an advantage to go for clothes lines but gets caught on the tenth with spinning heel kick by Rusev. Reigns catches Rusev going to the top. Rusev fights back and connects with a flying head butt. Reigns fights out of an Accolade attempt. Rusev goes for a charge. Reigns catches him with a Superman Punch. Rusev ducks outside the ring. Reigns thinks he has the jump but Rusev side kicks him in the face. Reigns connects with another Superman Punch as Rusev stands on the apron. Rusev falls to the floor. Reigns connects with the Drive By. King Barrett connects with a Bull Hammer on Reigns for the DQ. The heels end up giving Reigns a chair by accident so that he can clear house. – Kevin

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