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Michael Traynor as Nicholas and Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Michael Traynor as Nicholas and Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Kevin: So which thing is stupider, putting the belt on Sheamus or Glenn surviving exactly how we speculated?

Jeremy: Considering the crowd didn’t care about the show or Roman winning. Sheamus winning was needed. If Roman wins in that flat setting that is all we remember. Glenn surviving at least got an emotional reaction from fans as well as the final scene from Maggie.

Kevin: Considering Sheamus has elicited no response from the crowd for months on end, nothing will help him out. Reigns being put upon after he’s been put upon strikes me as odd. People don’t care about his “hard luck” story because it has led him to the top of the card in short order still. Having the title ripped away from Reigns won’t change anyone’s mind. As for Glenn surviving, ugh.
Jeremy: We all knew Glenn was alive after a week or so. The way he survived was also sort of predictable and illogical.
Kevin: I’d have to say this is one of the more illogical episodes as a whole.
Jeremy: It starts off with a scene they should have used the following week. I understand the idea of creating that feeling of  the unknown. Glenn surviving didn’t go along with the rules we know already so that kind of stinks. When do Walkers not tear in to everything? He didn’t get scratched at all? I did like the creativity to kill walkers and drag them closer to the dumpster. use them as a barrier as well as a smell barrier.
Kevin: That part did work for me. Just stab a few of them in the head and let them act as your barrier. They’re not the sharpest creatures so you should be able to do that without too much trouble.
Jeremy: Right, so, I understand some people being let down he is alive even though they didn’t want him to die. I get the feeling the show runners didn’t anticipate the reaction and speculation this was going to cause.
Kevin: The problem to me is more that they didn’t kill Glenn. Important people need to die from time to time. I don’t feel like an important person has died in a while. Had Spencer died, no one would have cared. No one has cared about anyone from Alexandria dying.
Jeremy: The last major person was Tyreese and that was an episode after Beth went down. What did make the show different was that no one was safe outside of Rick. So when Glenn went down we were finally back to that idea. It also helped Enid was around to distract the walkers. I figured the tin can rolling was her throwing it?
Kevin: I would have to assume so since she stuck around to kind of help Glenn? I was just confused why she stuck around long enough to give him water but then didn’t want anything to do with him. I know the easy cop out is that she’s a dumb teenager but I hope there’s something more to her character than that.
Jeremy: She has been so antagonistic towards any sort of emotional support it makes sense. She wants to be on her own since her parents got eaten. So I see her point of view. My issue was the writing. Glenn just survived the Walker onslaught then we are supposed to believe Enid was going to shoot him?
Kevin: You nailed it. Plus, that gun would have had enough kick to bruise her sternum.
Jeremy: The balloons; that was the same thing Aaron used right?
Kevin: I didn’t remember a balloon being used before but that would make sense for Aaron to do so since he used to do recruiting for Alexandria.
Jeremy: For some reason I believe he used them as well as flares but may be wrong. Anyway, i enjoyed the fact he talks her up, gets her to listen and they get back to find Alexandria surrounded and now compromised.
Kevin: The balloons were what knocked over the church steeple. Enid will “Just Survive Somehow” by running away from that catastrophe.
Jeremy: Ha, would have been pretty funny if it was some goofy sketch where the balloons were the final tipping point. Are we to believe no one noticed the steeple falling apart? I thought it was someone working in it.
Kevin: They were too busy drawings walkers to a tiny crack in wall to bother with the steeple. Deanna’s husband Reg didn’t think it was important to worry about the structural integrity of the buildings surrounding the wall which might crush it. He’s a bad architect and must not have read a basic “How Buildings Fall Down.”
Jeremy: I thought the steeple sustained damage from the truck and fire? At the time he may not have needed to. I do question why not pull the wall out a bit to incorporate it in side the grounds.
Kevin: The later part of your response is what gets me. They built the wall so it could have been any shape. In no way should a structure that big be left outside of it. I know they were more optimistic than most about the zombie apocalypse but that’s just bad planning.
Jeremy: Maybe the materials dictated they go straight instead of build it out? Who knows, we don’t need a flashback episode about it for sure. Inside the walls things finally started gettign set up at least.
Kevin: That was the biggest upside to the show, everything is coming together after all of the separate stories stemming from the zombie shepherding. Glenn and Enid are back. Daryl, Sasha & Abraham should be on their way back. Will the Wolves be back to capitalize on their own work on the church?
Jeremy: Well we don’t know who was calling on the radio so not sure about Daryl and them coming back yet. It was good to see the confrontation between Rick/Michonne/Carol and Morgan. Kevin: Morgan has seemingly turned in to an annoying character.
The radio could be a diversion for all we know. Very vague in it’s origin and we know for sure it wasn’t Glenn using a walkie. I just kept thinking of my annoying nosy neighbor when Carol followed Morgan back to the defacto jail cell. Is Morgan trying to re-create his own imprisonment conversion with this capture? Morgan’s motives haven’t really been made clear
Jeremy: This was the same thought on Morgan. just going to keep him locked up until one day it isn’t and see how he reacts. Morgan should have known because he even said he knew Carol was always looking around studying the lay of things.
Kevin: Hahaha. Nothing like forgetting your own advice. That scene she had with Sam was cringey. I do appreciate any Alexandra Breckenridge screen time I get so I’ll take the cringe to enjoy.
Jeremy: OK so comic spoiler of sorts. In the comics Lori dies by getting shot and falling on Judith, hence crushing her. Whenever they pass off the baby i am fully expecting that to happen in the show.
Kevin: Yuck. What a terrible way to die even for a child. I mean, I know they kill people all kinds of gruesome ways but that just seems wrong.
Jeremy: It was first thought it was the shotgun blast but it was from Loris weight when she fell. Pretty brutal. I enjoyed the subtle” Judith looks a lot like Lori” line.
Kevin: Aside from the sandy blonde hair which neither parent nor possible parent in Shane had. Do you think the TV people have the guts to take out a baby?
Jeremy: Well Maggie is pregnant now so maybe they swap babies out? Since they have been in Alexandria Judith hasn’t been much of a factor and that is good. The concept of a baby being around while on the run would have gotten real old. If they were, it won;t be in that brutal of a way. I don’t think at least. Have you noticed the actress playing Tara is clearly pregnant in her scenes now? Poor girl was struggling to get over the wall to start shooting.
Kevin: Not that she was ever presented as much of a looker, but I did think Tara’s outfit was a bit baggy last night. I didn’t know she was pregnant though. I’ll give AMC some type of credit for not doing the regular with a pregnant woman and only awkwardly shooting her from the chest up.
Jeremy: She is constantly blocking her stomach with a board, chair a gun. She just gave birth so wont be much of an issue going forward. Did you pay attention to peoples stabbing techniques a bit closer after Rosita’s training course?
Kevin: Did anyone really have a chance to show off the stabbing technique? They should get their chance next week since the walkers have a nice large entrance to come in now.
Jeremy: When Enid and Glenn were a stabbing I paid closer attention to see if they were doing it per Rosita’s instructions.Poor Eugene, that dude just isn’t growing in character at all.
Kevin: Enid just offed a non-walking walker. I figured the stab to the temple while being away from a zombie’s mouth was a good plan. I did like her goofing on Glenn about “his wife” not wanting to kill the zombie or whatever snide comment she made. Eugene is stuck in a rut. The preview certainly made it seem like he’ll be some sort of factor in the mid-season finale.
Jeremy: He has to eventually get his big hero moment right? He sort of had it with Tara  ut then he caused the problem. Are we expecting a bloodbath next week? The cast is rather bloated so it is a good time right?
Kevin: They have dwelt on Eugene being useless for so long, one expects a hero moment that doesn’t involve him screwing up first. The cast is bloated yet still very undefined.I mean, why was Rosita put in charge of training everyone anyway? Does Tara do anything other than hook up with a fellow lesbian? Tobin has warmed up to Rick but is there anything more to his character?
Jeremy: As I said last night when Tobin was talking to Rick ” he is dead dead so dead.” Part of the problem with thee undefined characters is there are just too many of them. SO they are just bodies for slaughter. Only  most of the original gangs deaths will accumulate any emotion.
Kevin: And that leads us back to Glenn not dying. Sure, they can cut down on the cast but it won’t have any emotional investment. Have at it show runners, knock off people no one cares about.
Jeremy: Does Morgan count? he seemed to be wildly more popular when he would show up here and there. Then there is the let down of him being a pussy pacifist.
Kevin: Morgan would still count in my books. He got a full episode devoted to his other back story. I’d be surprised if he died only because I more expect him to leave the group to try and live the way he wants to than to die.
Jeremy: Something has to happen between Morgan, Carol and that wolf guy. Unless they off the doctor which goes back to the “Oh well.”
Kevin: They could stretch that out depending on when the Carol/Morgan confrontation happens in context to the steeple falling over.
Jeremy: Even though the time has jumped from episode to episode it now seems like everyone is on same frame. So that confrontation is probably getting kicked down. unless the Wolve gets loose and goes after people too.
Kevin: The Wolf could get interesting if it turns into one of the zombies. If that’s what does in Morgan, I’ll just laugh.
Jeremy: We tried this before and we failed terribly but you want to make quick off the cuff death predictions?
Kevin: Didn’t we do that as a separate article? Could be why it failed. Or that The Walking Dead show runners are more creative than the WWE. I’ll go with the new Doctor, Tobin and Deanna.
Jeremy: Yeah it was a totally separate column. I would rather not make the same mistake again. They have given so many glimpses of peoples redeeming moments or however small character moments the list is endless.
All that being said, Tara (Cause why not?), Tobin for sure, countless Alexandria people we don’t know, Ron probably but he will shoot Carl before hand and my finale is Eric, Aaron’s boyfriend/husband.
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