Stunt Granny Audio 395 – How About 205 Live & NXT?

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Chris & Kevin are a day late, but they aren’t a dollar short. They have additional material to cover this week from 205 Live and NXT but that gets shelved to start off with the usual talking point, Smackdown Live. What are we to make of Randy Orton declining to take on Bray Wyatt? Is there any chance that Orton moves over to Raw to challenge the Universal Champion whether it’s Kevin Owens or Goldberg? Will Luke Harper win the battle royal to determine Wyatt’s #1 competitor? Would it make sense to insert anyone else into this story line? Is it fine to drag out the story telling out? Is Smackdown waiting until after Fast Lane to lock in matches for Wrestlemania even though it’s a Raw PPV? Is there much more than rumors for what direction AJ Styles and John Cena will take on their Road to Wrestlemania? Even though the women’s division on SD Live is more organized, can’t we see Naomi vs Alexa Bliss being put on the pre-show of Wrestlemania while the Raw quartet of Bayley, Charlotte, Nia Jax and Sasha Banks will be on the main card? Speaking of Raw, has anything been more heart breaking in recent memory than Owens breaking up with Chris Jericho? Why do the Chris & Kevin have to find little problems with such a great segment? Was Enzo Amore‘s night even worse than Jericho’s? How long did it take Emmalina to debut only to change back into Emma? Why was that done according to rumors? Do the Cruiser Weights have the same problem on Raw that they do on 205 Live? How bad is it that Noam Dar and Rich Swann had to follow the triple threat main event of SD Live? How is the reboot of NXT going with a lot of the stars on the main shows? Do they also have a lot of time to develop story lines for Wrestlemania? Find out the answers to these questions and more when you click on the link below.


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