Stunt Granny Audio Presents – OHPA 166 – Sheetz, SpaceX and Aliens

Kevin DiFrango/ Stunt Granny LTD

Ken & Kevin got together to talk about their beloved Altoona PA original, Sheetz, and how it may be coming to a location very familiar to them in the actual city of Columbus. Would you want to live behind a strip mall, a bank and a gas station? Would this location be their furthest west yet? Are your hosts willing to visit this location? The guys move along to talk about the SpaceX Crew Dragon that successfully launched and docked with the International Space Station. How long has it been since a manned rocket launched from the United States? What does this mean for the mix of state and privately funded space craft? Ken & Kevin continued to look skyward talking about an article about The Ohio State’s Alexander Wendt, who thinks UFOs should be studied more academically because of recent news by the US government that they have indeed seen Unidentified Flying Objects. Does that mean what was seen in numerous videos were manned alien craft? How would you even go about trying to academically study such a vast amount of air space? How could you tell was isn’t already known? The guys do know their beer so they talked about it to close the podcast. Enjoy.

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