Stunt Granny Audio Presents: We Watch Stuff #213

After a month off “We Watch Stuff” is back and boy ti sure seems like there is plenty to talk about. In a country on the brink of major infighting what can be done to bring us all together? Well, HBOMax may be the best idea by releasing the Snydercut of Justice League? How about the Ayercut of Suicide Squad to bring some of us together?Wait, will these bring us together or just split us further apart of the landscape of nerdom? how strange is it seeing The Undertaker out of character and as a real human being? So who takes Ruby Roses place as Batwoman? How startling is it to read the thoughts of old school wrestlers in a time of strained unity? How awful was that last sentence? All of this and of course we talk about the last week of turmoil for the country. It includes analogies to X-Men, magneto and Charles Xavier so we try to keep it fun.

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