Stunt Granny Audio 574 – AEW Media Missteps, Linda Hogan and Actual Wrestling

Kevin DiFrango/ Stunt Granny Ltd.

Chris & Kevin got together to talk about wrestling, sort of. In the wake of the George Floyd murder, it was hard to get around the impact of Black Lives Matter in the wrestling community. Chris Jericho rubbed people the wrong way by posting #AllLivesMatter. Cody fumbled on his answer about an African American talent in the men’s division. Brandi Rhodes made the story all about herself. At least Tony Kahn saved the day by banning Linda Hogan from any AEW events. Is Jaxson Ryker going to find things weird in the locker room after his recent comments considering that he got called out by a number of high profile talents? How bad were they when Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake both distanced themselves from him? How was the actual wrestling this week? Is Fast Times at Ridgemont High going to be a reference many WWE fans get? What did the guys think of the hit and run incident involving Elias, Jeff Hardy and Sheamus? Does it look like Dominic Mysterio is finally going to step into the ring? Is Seth Rollins a perfect opponent in this situation? What else happened in the week in wrestling that caught their attention? Find out by clicking the link below.

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