Stunt Granny Audio 701 – Rampage Before Dynamite and Crown Jewel Preview

Because there was a glut of wrestling content over the weekend, Chris & Kevin had a hard time starting the show. They started in with AEW Dynamite feeling weird because Rampage lead into it. Because Dante Martin had the sell of the week, they talked about Malakai Black. Your hosts ponder if it is possible to resolve Cody Rhodes‘ character issues because of his insular story lines. A number of good matches were on the show but nothing seemed to be riding on them. Since Adam Page had the best promo in AEW, they couldn’t get to the WWE without talking about Cowboy Shit. Chris & Kevin fell into Crown Jewel preview because so many story lines are leading to it. Your hosts start with Roman Reigns and end talking about the Queen’s Crown and King of the Ring.

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