Stunt Granny Audio 702 – Divorce Debt, Crown Jewel and NXT 2.0

Before Jeremy & Kevin got to wrestling, they talked about how much debt they were in when they started Stunt Granny. It’s a gruesome tale with some bad jokes included. When they do get to wrestling, they start with Crown Jewel being WWE canon for the first time. Since Kevin covered the event with Chris, Jeremy did the heavy lifting about the event. Your hosts go to NXT 2.0 and they’re not sure what to think of the reboot still. They think the veteran faces of NXT like Io Shirai, Imperium and LA Knight should not be beating the new talent. In a similar vein, why are new talents also losing to new talents. They wonder why NXT has done away with their practice of using enhancement talent for matches like these ones. Join Jeremy & Kevin into their deep dive of wrestling.

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