Stunt Granny Audio 780 – CM Punk, Billy Gunn and HHH’s WWE

Because CM Punk lost in a squash match to Jon Moxley, Kevin & Shahid started there. They talk about how some AEW fans are just finding out it’s not a perfect company. Since Eddie Kingston punched Sammy Guevara, they joke about work place violence in their offices. Your hosts discuss how talent is being misused. With Billy Gunn on their TVs weekly, Kevin & Shahid wonder where AEW’s priorities are with their roster. Your hosts move on to talking about HHH‘s WWE. Because the biggest knock against the WWE was Vince McMahon, Kevin & Shahid discuss how that problem isn’t coming back. They talk about how the whole product feels different in such a short time period. To close the show, they discuss the Worlds Collide show that NXT will be putting on.

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