Stunt Granny Audio 779 – Johnny Wrestling, Edge and the Women’s Tag Team Tournament

With the return of Johnny Gargano to the WWE official on Raw, Chris & Kevin kick off the podcast with him. Even with HHH in charge, your hosts wonder what his ceiling is on the main roster. Your hosts talk about why there were so few rumors about his comeback despite him being off TV for nine months. Since a proper main event finally graced Raw, Chris & Kevin move on to Edge vs Damien Priest. Your hosts talk about Beth Phoenix likely getting back in the ring to extend this feud. They discuss how bad Aliyah was in her match with Bayley. With Gigi Dolan now hurt, Chris & Kevin talk about how the women’s tag team tournament has been a disaster on the Smackdown side. To close the show, they talk about how much of a disaster Smackdown still is and how HHH can fix it.

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