Stunt Granny Audio 791 – Extreme Rules Premium Live Event Preview

Since no major wrestling news story hit, Chris & Kevin did a preview for the WWE Extreme Rules Premium Live Event. They talk about the important feel of this event that doesn’t have Roman Reigns on the card. Because Reigns is not on the card, your hosts debate which match is most likely to main event the card. With the Fight Pit as a gimmick, Chris & Kevin talk about Seth Rollins taking on Matt Riddle in that spot. They discuss whether either of the women’s championships could main event because of the talent involved. Your hosts do side track to how the Survivor Series teams do seem to be forming with plenty of time until that PLE. Since Judgement Day and Edge & Rey Mysterio seem locked in a never ending battle, Chris & Kevin talk about how to end it all. To close the show, they give some predictions for Extreme Rules.

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